Scottsville Ice Arena

Scottsville Ice Arena

Learn to Skate at Scottsville Ice Arena

About the Program

Our Instructor will teach small classes of both children and adults for periods of 20 minutes, with skaters being taught simple skating skills, while having fun and learning to skate in safest possible way. The sessions are held during the Sunday afternoon Open Skating that is held form 3pm to 5pm. The students will be able to attend the open skating before or after their lesson.

Rental Skates

Are available from the rink for a fee or can be included in the registration fee, however your own skates will make your skating experience far more enjoyable. In any event, skates should fit snuggly and be laced firmly right to the top which will provide the necessary support.

What to Wear

A pair of gloves, slacks or pants, no long coats and protective head gear is recommended.

Registration Fee

$110 for 9 Sunday sessions starting January 14th. Payable in full at the time of registration. The fee includes instruction sessions and skating during the open skating sessions on the instruction days. Skate rentals can be added for $20 for 9 session program.

For information call 585-889-1810 or email our Skating Instructor.

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